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Topic: Audio card conflicts with GS and other sound apps

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    Audio card conflicts with GS and other sound apps


    I have gotten GS160 and Sonar to work together before, but for some reason I\'ve gotten into a state where Sonar will work ok when it is installed by itself, but then when I install GS (version 25048 as well as the current 25206 patch) my audio outs are no longer recognized by Sonar (or by FruityLoops, or by Sound FOrge 5.0 for that matter!)

    When I uninstall GS, the sound returns back to Sonar (and the other apps).. Only when I reinstall GS does it hog all the audio for some reason....

    My specs:
    Dakota with beta8 WDM/GSIF drivers
    Sonar 2.0
    GS160 (with versions mentioned above)

    Any help appreciated, this is driving me nuts! Thanks


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    Re: Audio card conflicts with GS and other sound apps

    Ahh, I figured this out on my own.

    I didn\'t realize that when I set an Output Enabled, that it is carried through all applications (even if Giga isn\'t even running!).

    This is reasonable to me if Giga is running, but why do they have to hog up a Dakota output pair if it\'s not even running?? Oh well, I guess I can just disable it manually before running Sonar when I need more tracks freed up


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