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Topic: Could someone help me with Midi Replicator?

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    Could someone help me with Midi Replicator?

    Okay, I\'m officially stupid.
    I just downloaded the demo for MusicLab\'s MIDIoverLAN+Driver and am trying to get it to work! Augh!

    I just have two machines:
    I have a dedicated GIGA Rig with an Echo Mia and no midi interface and a Dedicated Sequencing Rig with a USB Midisport 4x4, Creative Audigy, and Cakewalk SONAR.
    I have the MIDIoverLAN demo installed, two network cards, and a hub on both machines.
    I guess I just don\'t really understand how it works and need some one to explain it to me as if I was a little child.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Could someone help me with Midi Replicator?

    The Musiclab MOL guru is on vacation for a week, but he\'ll get in touch with you when he gets back [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Could someone help me with Midi Replicator?

    The Midi Replicator is a kind of MIDI driver that send\'s the midi information to the other machine.

    In the MIDI Replicator proprieties (of both machines) you specify the name of the other machine.

    Then you config Gigastudio for receive MIDI via MIDI replicator, and config the seq to send midi using midi replicator.

    Hope this help...

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    Re: Could someone help me with Midi Replicator?

    The biggest problem I am having is actually setting it up! ugh!
    Which computer do I set to \"MIDI from LAN\" and \"MIDI to LAN\"? Which ones do I enable? blah, blah, blah?
    I\'ve tried a few different configurations but I don\'t seem to be recieving or sending any kind of signal to the other computer...
    Is there a easy to follow tutorial out there anywhere?

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    Re: Could someone help me with Midi Replicator?

    is our guru back yet?

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    Re: Could someone help me with Midi Replicator?

    Your sequencer machine should be set up to MIDI TO LAN - set up as many ports as you like. Consider that machine your host. Your client machine(s) should be setup to MIDI FROM LAN, since they will be receiving the MIDI information.

    Assuming you use the new MIDIOverLAN+ driver, you then, obviously, have to tell both the host and the client(s) where they should send/get their information.

    To setup the first connection, on your host machine, click ENABLE with the LAN-OUT-00 chosen. Then choose \'set correspondent host by name\' and click BROWSE FOR HOST NAME. Here you should be able to find your GigaStudio machine, by the name you have called it in your network. It is important that you have a working network before seting up this driver, so you know everything is working. If you cant find your GS computer on the network browser, something is not set up right.

    Assuming this is done, on your GS machine, enable the first LAN-IN-00, click \'set correspondent host by name\', browse and find your sequencer machine. That\'s it. You have to reboot both machines if this is the first time you set it up.

    Hope this helps.

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