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Topic: The Incredibles is incredible!!!

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    The Incredibles is incredible!!!

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    How about an Off Topic for the Off Topic section?

    I saw The Incredibles last night and I have to say that this is the best Pixar film hands down! It was funny as hell and kept me laughing constantly. It's clever, the characters so human, and you will forget that you are looking at computer animation!

    The score by Michael Giacchino is great also, think "You only live Twice" Bond with lots of Mancini riffs, awesome!

    Go see it, go see it this week end because it really deserves to be the top grossing movie!
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    Re: The Incredibles is incredible!!!

    I think you and I were in the same room last night.

    And yes...The Incredibles was incredible!
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    Re: The Incredibles is incredible!!!


    -Bush stole it.

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    Re: The Incredibles is incredible!!!

    Mad props to Michael Giacchino for some STELLAR work on The Incredibles!!

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