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Topic: Reboot when modem connects??!!

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    Reboot when modem connects??!!

    Has anyone else seen this?

    I\'ve just put together a new system (specs below). Everything works great except that after Gigastudio 160 is installed, the computer resets without warning everytime the modem connects with a server!

    No, I\'m not crazy (yet). Before Gigastudio installation, everything works fine. After installation, the modem dials up, my password gets validated, then BOOM, the machine reboots. Every single time.

    I uninstalled Gigastudio, and the problem disappeared.

    I hope there\'s a solution to this other than a separate computer for GS160.

    Here\'s my specs. (BTW, I had everything working fine on a dual processor AMD setup which unfortunately fried itself.)

    *Asus P4B533 motherboard
    *Pentium 4 2.26b CPU
    *256 MB PC2100 DDR RAM
    *2 Seagate ST380021a HD’s (IDE, 80 GB ATA100)
    *Seagate ST32550N HD (SCSI, 2 GB)
    *Plextor PX40TS SCSI CDROM
    *Sparkle Invidia GeForce 3 Ti 200 video card
    *Yamaha CRW2100E IDE CD writer
    *Adaptec 2940 PCI SCSI adapter
    *OHCI Compliant Firewire card
    *Delta 1010 sound card
    *UMAX S-12 SCSI scanner
    *Seagate Tapestor USB tape drive

    *Windows 2000 SP3 (Standard PC)
    *DirectX 8.1

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    Re: Reboot when modem connects??!!


    To be honest, you should create a partition and install a second OS (multi boot)on that, wich you make your DAW OS in wich everything is disconnected and turned off what\'s not necessary for Audio.

    Best solution I think.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Reboot when modem connects??!!


    I might end up dual-booting. Maybe I\'m stubborn, but I\'d like to avoid it. I\'m using a bunch of Sonic Foundry stuff that has to be registered online every time I re-install, so not having an Internet connection on my DAW will be a pain.

    I\'m going to try using APCI instead of Standard PC configuration. After that, maybe a USB modem.

    (I should have mentioned, my modem is on COM2, standard address and IRQ.)

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    Re: Reboot when modem connects??!!

    I solved the problem.

    It turns out that when both GS160 AND Norton Antivirus 2002 are running on my system, I get a reboot upon modem connection. The answer is to ascribe NAV2002 to the ashbin of history. It\'s a pity; NAV2000 was a great product.

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