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Topic: Direct X

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    Direct X


    I\'ve thought about buying Sonar 2.0, but I know that Sonar demandes Direct X 8, and what I\'ve read direct X 8 will make some old plugins and programs not work.

    I\'m still a GigaSampler user (not GigaStudio) and Samplitude for audio, I\'m worried that some software will be not tion proterly if I install Sonar

    I\'ve also read that the best version of direct X for music makers are 7.0a, and since thats so, thats the version I got.

    My big question is, are there a new \"best version for music makers\" of direct X, still compatible with older plugs and progs.

    Thanx for all help.

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    Re: Direct X


    Make an image of your HD and try them out [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    You can experiment wich DX performs best, you where right 7a was supposed the best one for DAW\'s.


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