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Topic: Anyone Tried Miriam?

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    Anyone Tried Miriam?

    Wondering if anybody has tried this yet? I love Miriam stockley's vocals, but they wouldn't do me a lot of good if they sound all phasey like the ones on the Lola Demo. Unfortunately there's no demo of Miriam.... hmmmm....

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    Re: Anyone Tried Miriam?

    Actually, there's a lot of Miriam demos out, on the zero-g website:

    There's also a free software demo.

    I have Miriam and have enjoyed using it. Miriam sings straight, not soul, and would be best suited for pop, folky, stuff.


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    Re: Anyone Tried Miriam?

    Hmmm...after I posted I went to the site and found only 3 Miriam demos...but I know there are at least 9 out there- I have downloaded them. Don't know if they were on Zero-g or a related link.


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    Re: Anyone Tried Miriam?

    I've tried the demo/expiration version and found it wonderful !

    Here is one demo i have made using it just in case you wanna listen. I reverbed and eq'd the hell out of it so i'm not sure how it sounds on a foreign computer :


    ( Download or stream the song called : "The tale of wind and rain" )
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: Anyone Tried Miriam?

    Cool thanks for the links! Unfortunately she still sounds so effected it just isn't going to be what I need. Now... if I was doing electronic stuff it could be REALLY cool. Oh well... I never dreamed I could really have her sing for me anyway... so it was a short lived hope

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    Re: Anyone Tried Miriam?

    Pretty thorough review of Miriam from Rick Paul at http://www.cakewalknet.com/
    He spent quite a bit of time with it as well testing Lola prior to Miriam.


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