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Topic: Looping Problem

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    Looping Problem

    Hi all.

    I\'ve been creating a lot of pad like sounds on my mac, crossfade looping them in Peak, and then translating them to WAV with Spark. (Peak doesn\'t translate the loop) The loop sounds great in Peak, but in Gigastudio I can hear a very small pop at the loop point. It sounds right other than that. It consistently happens. What am I doing wrong? Any advice is appreciated!



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    Re: Looping Problem

    Cody do not use Peak to convert them to wav format instead use \"SoundApp PPC\" ( a mac shareware program). Then burn a CD with the samples in Jouliet format ( ISO 9660) format. Take this CD Rom and use it to transfer these samples into your PC program.

    I used this approach with several of my sampling CD\'s.

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound

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    Re: Looping Problem

    Thanks for your reply. I\'m not using peak to convert to PC, I\'m using Spark- I\'m told that\'ll translate the loop properly. Does it matter if I burn using ISO? I\'ve been transferring by burning a Multi-platform CD.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Looping Problem

    Cody my mistake - Spark ! Yes I tried both Spark and Peak and was unable to move the loop points over to the PC even if I converted the files to PC Wav format on the Mac- only SoundApp worked for me. If the CD Rom you burned on the Mac can be read on the PC then your are fine - I suspect cross-platform is ISO 9660 format. Use the GigaSampler editor to read the loop points. If the numbers show up your in luck.


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    Re: Looping Problem

    In the interim, couldn\'t you just read the loop points in Spark and edit in Giga Editor to correct them, or are there other issues (besides it being a PITA?)


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    Re: Looping Problem

    Within the Editor, you can try changing the end loop point by a single sample and that may fix it as a temp workaround. You would have to experiment to see if you need to add or subtract a sample. Otherwise, Ernest\'s advise is usually the way to go if possible. The iso format is also very important.

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