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Topic: Cubase Users, I'm Begging you, Please Read

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    Cubase Users, I\'m Begging you, Please Read

    The folks at Cubase don\'t seem to answer any questions until you actually buy the product and everytime I submit a question for Cubase users on this board no one responds. So thank you in advance for reading this. I have a couple editing questions. Does Cubase make a product that will allow me to manipulate audio and video tracks of full length movies and do my own dolby digital 5.1 surround sound editing? I was going to ask the folks at Steinberg but they won\'t even answer the phone unless you\'ve already bought something from them. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Cubase Users, I\'m Begging you, Please Read

    For what you are wantting to do you should look at either Nuendo or Cubase SX. Nuendo is more suited for 5.1 and video integration though.

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