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Topic: Behringer Monitors

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    Question Behringer Monitors

    Hi all, I'm now ready to find myself great monitors to use to listen to my music and others. I was talking to some guys here in Iceland the other day and they pointed on Behringer monitors and then I talked to some guys here on this forums and they said thumbs up. So I'm starting to focus on getting Behringer, however I want to see if there's any other recommendations or something which I should beware of regarding Behringer monitors.

    I also want to ask what type of Behringer I should get, what's the best type?

    I'll probably buy two pairs which will be placed in my living room, about 20 square meters (ceiling is high!).

    Thanks for all advice!

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    Re: Behringer Monitors


    I have a set of Behringer Truth monitors. Very clean. Very loud. Kinda dull.
    They have settings to help you "tune" to your room which is very nice.

    Overall I am happy with them.

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Thumbs up Re: Behringer Monitors

    I have several sets of monitors but the set I seem to always go to is the Behringer's Truth. For about $300 US dollars they are worth it. I like the fine tuning feature as well. It sure beats rebuilding a room around your monitors!

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    Re: Behringer Monitors

    There is another forum that I belong to that was giving out info on the Behringer Truth's actually burning up !!...Evidently they can get pretty hot !
    The Yorkville monitor's ( sorry I don't have the model numbers ) are pretty good....They come in powered and unpowered w/ 6 1/2 inch woofers...I would guess that the Behringers are louder, but the Yorkies are an alternative ..Jim

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    Re: Behringer Monitors

    I guess for the price there good, but there's much better monitors out there. They are almost the bottom of the barrel as far as monitors go.

    Genelec, Adam, Dynaudio.... those would be considered 'good'.


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    Re: Behringer Monitors

    Falcon I'm not sure what the current Truth monitors are like. I bought a pair not long after they came out. Bottom line is exactly what others have said - for the price they were hard to beat. But then there was a piece of plastic that came loose and they buzzed all the time. That was less than 6 months after buying them. So i took them back and got another pair. Out fo the box one of them had a blown tweeter and the other one had a blown woofer (go figure). So I took them back, and the next pair right out of the box had faulty wiring. I took them all back and bought a pair of Mackie's because I need to be able to depend on my monitors.

    Bottom line is I think they're probably fine so long as they work. But at the end of the day they are certainly cheap. You get what you pay for. Granted I paid 4 times as much for my Mackie's, and my little Mackie sticker fell off.. but the speakers have been very consistent

    As a side note I noticed the new Truth monitors don't have the same piece of plastic on the cabinet that came loose on my pair. So that may not be a problem any more.

    Also, some people have highly suggested KRK Rokit's and Event Electronics Monitors for mid-low priced monitors. You may want to check them out.

    If you can get a dealer to let you borrow some monitors, I'd highly suggest trying the monitors in your actual work space. That can make a huge difference in really knowing what you'll hear. What you hear at the dealer is always different when you get home.....

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    Re: Behringer Monitors

    Quote Originally Posted by Bela D Media

    I have a set of Behringer Truth monitors. Very clean. Very loud. Kinda dull.
    They have settings to help you "tune" to your room which is very nice.

    Overall I am happy with them.

    I've never been entirely sure about tweakable monitors, after all how do you know that your tweaks aren't causing false responses. If your room has unbalanced acoustics, then tweaking your monitors to suit that room might be a mistake. I have a pair of Event TR8s and they're not tweakable except for gain, but they seem to translate a mix pretty well.

    I was tempted by the Behringer's, but I kept hearing persistent stories about rattling cones and blow-outs. Maybe the newer Behringers have been improved.

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    Re: Behringer Monitors

    You might also want to check out M-Audio's BX-8. I just installed a pair....no buyer's remorse here. They're great, and not tiring to listen to.

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    Re: Behringer Monitors

    I tried the M-audio's after I couldn't use the berhinger's anymore.... you're really missing out if you settle for them. If Berhinger has fixed the problems they had with the original model then they are probably the best bang for the buck. The M-audio's are probably fine for a small bedroom studio, but in my control room with ac. treatment they just couldn't put out enough sound without the amps distorting. (BTW - i don't think BT REALLY uses M-audio's monitors!!)

    You MIGHT take a listen to the Tapco stuff - made by mackie but much cheaper. I've not used them and can't confirm what they sound like.

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    Re: Behringer Monitors

    Had them for about 6 months now. They are ON no less than 40 hours a week.

    All settings set to flat response. No reported problems.
    They work well for my studio B room.

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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