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Topic: County by County Results

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    Post County by County Results

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    Republican in Red. Dem in Blue. Gray uncounted.

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    Re: County by County Results

    Can't....see it. *squint*

    Looks like BS to me, though. Illinois should be a lot more blue than that. In fact, I'm looking at Chicagoland on that map and it's GREY. Uncounted? Not!
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: County by County Results

    That seems a little off, but it could be close to correct.

    There isn't really any point you can make here, except that urban voters liked Kerry while rural voters liked Bush.

    As someone who was born and raised in Kansas, there are a LOT of counties out there with not alot of people in them.

    I think the popular vote does a better job of describing how Americans viewed the two candidates.

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    Post Re: County by County Results

    Here's the link:


    There's some changes - more red and some blue (after further vote counting).

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    Re: County by County Results

    Dosent look like much has changed compared to the 2000 map on the USA Today page...the only minor difference I see is more blue in Colorado for 2004.

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    Re: County by County Results

    Yup, the map's correct. And it shows all the victims of KKKarl Rove's fantastic adeptness at social manipulation on a mass scale.


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