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Topic: Cracking and Hissing output

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    Cracking and Hissing output

    If anyone can offer some suggestions on troubelshotingt this problem - many thanks in advance
    I have Windows 98 - Soundchaser box with Gigastudio 160. I use a Frontier Dakota Card and have 2 banks of ADAT streaming to a MOTU 2408.
    I am experiencing a random hiss and crackle that seems comnnected to the use of DSP effects, but it is very hard to pin down(sounds like sample rate conflict, but I am slaving everything to the 2408 PCI card at 44.1 and I believe I have this set up correctly).

    The crackly and hisses are not associated with any partucular effect. Sometimes when I bypass the effect the noies will go away. Other times it is triggered when a particular sample is triggered, and sometines there is just an annoying hiss that is associated with one particular stereo output pair.

    Doesn\'t happen on all files.

    any thoughts ???

    Thank you.

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    Re: Cracking and Hissing output

    Solartone....2 words:

    Word Clock!...(or is that supposed to be one word???)

    I had a similar issue when I first ran ADAT line to my O2R from giga without using the BNC Word clock...(impatient rascal that i can be).

    When I tried some internal O2R DSP...it was like a bowl of Rice Krispies...turn them off, and it was as quiet as oatmeal...

    Not sure, but you could be experiencing the same kind of thing.

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    Re: Cracking and Hissing output


    I don\'t understand at all what you are talking about. Can you step back and explain in simpler terms what you are saying?

    I have the same cracking problems. Thanks

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