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Topic: Effect insert bug

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    Effect insert bug

    I have an annoying bug and I'm wondering if anyone else has it. Every time I open my performance file, the Bypass button is on for all my effect inserts. I have to go to the channels and click them so I can hear them again. I'm using GS3 3.02.
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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    Re: Effect insert bug

    Yeah, I think we're all there. Sometimes I have to delete then reinsert the effect for it to work.



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    Re: Effect insert bug

    Thanks. I'm glad to know it's not just me.
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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    Re: Effect insert bug

    Absolutely - I've been experiencing this from day one! Can't wait for the fix.

    I too must delete each effect first, then re-enable them.


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    Re: Effect insert bug

    I confirm. (using 3.01)

    All insert FX are bypassed when a open my project.
    And still nothing if I disable the bypass button. I have to reload all NFX plugs...

    So the 3.02 patch does nothing to it...

    Very annoying.

    I hope Tascam still read that forum...

    (My DAW :
    GPU P42,6 HT disabled
    Mother Board P4C800-E Deluxe, original driver.
    OS drives 2xWD 80Go (8Mo) Raid 1
    Audio drives 2xMaxtor Sata 120Go (8Mo) Raid 1
    Sample drive Maxtor 120Go ATA 133 (DM+9)
    RAM 4X512 DDR400 Dual Channel chip Samsung
    Sound card RME 9652 + AEB 8-O, original driver.
    NIC Intel 82547EI Gigabit LAN controller (on motherboard)
    OS XP Home ACPI SP1
    Sequencer Nuendo 2.2.0
    Others MidiOverLan, VSL Midi Router, Perf Tool Beta 2, Komplete 2, HyperOS 2004, Gigastudio 3.01)

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    Angry Re: Effect insert bug

    I see this old post about this . . old . . . problem !

    I try everythink , fresh install , etc , impossible to resolve

    I clic" Bypass" every time AND I only open and close affectation channel number dialog , it's suffisent I not need to reinstalling nfx .

    I have problem with nfx1,2,3,4 and vst , Gigapulse is ok . . .

    and I cannot use gs3 in live

    [ Posted: 09-19-2004, 09:22 PM | | Quote


    I'm having difficulty enabling the included NFX DSP native plugin functionality on my saved performances. An example would be:

    Start a new performance with some brass instruments loaded. Enable NFX1 and NFX4 on three of the instruments. All is well and working.

    I then save the performance and close GS3.

    Upon firing up GS3 (starting), the instruments load and the NFX effects are still associated with the instruments however, I'm not hearing the effect processing! It's not in a bypass state and I can't seem to enable the effect without having to remove it entirely, then adding it again.

    I'm sure it's something simple that I'm not doing. Never had this issue with GS 2.54.

    Any suggestions, please?

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