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Topic: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

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    Talking Giuliani & McCain 2008!

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    More to look forward to.

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    Wink Re: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

    Dear Hillary -




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    Re: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

    Although McCain would love to be president (which is why he grudgingly publicly supported Bush), I doubt the Republican party would support him. He is too moderate, and too willing to work with Democrats.

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    Wink Re: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

    I agree with you on principle 100%. But I'm hearing they're already honing this ticket to run precisely for the reasons you stated.

    They're going to run that ticket against Hillary whose campaign is stealthily brewing away as we speak.

    You're going to have to trust me on this one. It's long way off and I swear I'm going to spontaneously combust from politics by then.

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    Re: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

    Hilary vs The Terminator

    Could happen

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    Re: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

    Why not McCain/Giuliani right NOW. Anything but Bush.

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    Re: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

    I've got the perfect ticket for the republicans.


    1. First Black President & Vice President
    2. First woman in the white house.
    3. Despite 1 & 2, Race & Gender would not even be an issue.

    People who would vote for a ticket like this would not even be thinking about race & gender. They would be thinking "what a rockin and competent ticket"
    (or "I don't like their politics or trust them")


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    Re: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

    Obama/Clinton 2008 to clean up the mess...
    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
    Hint:1.6180339887498948482 Φ

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    Re: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

    Quote Originally Posted by David Govett
    I've got the perfect ticket for the republicans.


    I don't trust Condy Rice. I saw her testimony to the 9/11 commission and was unimpressed. Also, there HAS to be something wrong with someone who is a close friend of George Bush. Hopefully she will go back to academia.

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    Re: Giuliani & McCain 2008!

    As an experiment, I would like to see if Bill Gates could BUY the presidency!!

    Although he has never expressed any interest in running for public office, I am confident that he could buy a seat in the Senate if he wanted to.

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