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Topic: Loading problems

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    Loading problems

    I`m having some worrying problems when loading a giga performance . Firstly the mixer setting often stay at the default levels , and then other times I get no sound at all even though the performance had loaded and all MIDI etc is showing to be fine .Performances are also taking a long time to load as well .
    any ideas ?
    thanks in advance

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    Re: Loading problems

    Hmm, the MIDI mixer problem sounds a bit strange.

    Assuming that Giga is showing polyphony usage you need to check audio routing. Make sure in Settings/Hardware routing that your sound card and its channels are properly selected. If not, fix it and hit Apply. If that doesn\'t straighten it out then check through Giga\'s internal audio routing:

    Note the channel routing (1,2 3,4 etc.) below the volume sliders in the MIDI mixer. Then go to the DSP Station and check that the corresponding mixer channels are actually assigned to your sound card outputs (these assignments are shown below the volume sliders on the DSP page) and that the volume sliders are up. If you are using any NFX you might want to check the volume sliders in those. Finally, have a look on the Master tab to make sure those volume sliders are up. If all these settings seem right and especially if you see voice usage as well as output level on Giga\'s DSP page then the problem is likely external to the Giga environment.

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    Re: Loading problems

    I`ve just noticed that its not showing any polyphony useage at all when the sound loss happens .I get MIDI and even volume meter on the mixer .I`m at a loss as what it could be .All of the volumes and sound card etc are fine .


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