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Topic: ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80 for GS3/2 updates

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    ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80 for GS3/2 updates

    ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80 for GIGA has been updated.
    New files can be downloaded from Prominy's web site.
    (Registered users only)

    Stacked instruments 'gsi' file (GS3 version):
    (To use this update, GS3.01 or later is required.)
    Now you can load 'CP-80_*sus_*rel' and 'CP-80_pedal_on' into the same midi channel.
    You don't have to copy your midi data and paste it to another sequence track any more.
    The same as HALion and Kontact format, 'CP-80_pedal-on' can be played with "CP-80_16sus_16_rel" or "CP-80_8sus_8_rel" simultaniously.

    ('CP-80_pedal-on' is designed to simulate the ringing effect introduced by the sustain pedal.)

    Other improvements (both GS2 and GS3 version):
    'Release curve range' was modified.

    For more information, please visit;

    Thank you.


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    Re: ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80 for GS3/2 updates

    The download page had not been updated,
    now it have been renewed and you can download the latest patch updates.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.


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