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Topic: GS3 Crash

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    GS3 Crash

    Is anyone else having the following problem with GS3?
    Sometimes when I try to save a performance the computer crashes and restarts itself (instantly).

    My old computer occasionally did something similar with GigaStudio2.5, but now that I have a new computer and a new version of GigaStudio I really didn't expect seeing this anymore.

    There are only few pieces of hardware I took from the old computer. If no-one else is having this problem, then I suppose the problem has to be connected to one of these:
    1. sound card: Hoontech DSP24value (GSIF1 drivers only)
    2. display card: ATI Radeon 7500
    3. two IDE hard drives


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    Re: GS3 Crash

    I managed to isolate the problem. Could anyone try this and let me know if it is just my setup or a general bug:

    1. Load 16bit looped cello sustain sample from Vienna GigaSymphony
    2. Change the release time to 1.137 (in Quick Edit)
    3. Save the performance
    4. Watch your computer restart itself.


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