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Topic: Blank White Space on Main Giga Screen

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    Blank White Space on Main Giga Screen

    Majoly weird problem...

    Has anyone ever encountered this one?

    I\'m working in the Instrument Editor. I save and return to the Main Gigastudio screen and I find that the bottom half of the main screen is ALL BLANK WHITE. No graphics will display in a retangular region in the lower part of the mixing board.

    It gets weirder...

    I restart several times, but the problem persists. If I drag the bar separating the top from the Quicksound area at the bottom, I can get the pixels to redraw. But when I quit Giga and return the blank white area is back.

    It only occurs in Giga, and only in the main window. Don\'t have any blank areas on the desktop or anywhere else.

    This is a brand new turnkey system with Giga 160 v. 2.5 and Windows 98, Wavecenter PCI sound card. Giga is the only application installed.

    Any ideas anyone?



    Athlon XP 1.52 gHz processor
    512 MB DDR RAM
    rackmount chassis
    floppy drive
    32x CD-RW Drive
    32 meg 4x AGP video card
    IBM 60gig system drive (dual boot partition scheme, Windows XP on other partition)
    IBM 60gig sample drive
    ethernet card
    56k modem

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    Re: Blank White Space on Main Giga Screen

    What\'s the video card? Latest driver?

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