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Topic: Which XP works best with Giga 3?

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    Which XP works best with Giga 3?

    I've avoided connecting my Giga PC to the internet entirely, which means that it's malware-free but perhaps lacking legitimately useful system updates. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition from 2002, without Service Pack 2. I'm also lacking any system upgrades since I bought my PC.

    Does anyone know whether Service Pack 2 is a good upgrade for a Giga 3 machine, or should I let sleeping dogs lie?

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    Re: Which XP works best with Giga 3?

    I think servicepack 2 is mainly a security update for connecting to the internet!
    Since you are not using internet via your Gigastudio computer why you need it! If you don't have problems you are willing to create problems?
    I use Servicepack 2 but mainly for safety reasons.

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    Re: Which XP works best with Giga 3?

    SP2 is available for XP Home ?

    I thought it was only available for XP Pro...

    Is your XP Home SP1 ?

    Anyway, you don’t need any web link for anything, including XP activation and updates. I activate and update all my softs with a separate web PC.
    (I even put the SP1a on a old XP home for my DAW... I found it on the web, it’s around 123 Mo and is a simple « .exe » file.)


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