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Topic: Steinway B samples dinamics

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    Steinway B samples dinamics

    Hello Giggamates.
    I\'ve got a question to submit to you. I have a SoundBlaster Audigy soundcard and the Gigasampler. The PC is powerful: an Athlon with 1600 MgHz and 7200 hard disks, 256 MB DDR ram.
    Now ..I use East/West\'s Steinway B samples with midifiles and they sound great! When I try to play my Korg keyboard directly to Gigasampler..I get no dynamycs! Or not the same dynamics! Why that? Have I to remap East/West\'s Steinway B samples? And how to do that? Must I use Save as function and rename the sample? Where can I get online a guide about this stuff?
    Thanks very much for just a little help!

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    Re: Steinway B samples dinamics

    Hi Bye,

    I\'m using the East/West Steinway B right out of the box, and it sounds dynamic enough, so I don\'t expect that you should need to change settings, esp. as playing midifiles sound OK.

    If I were you, I\'d first try determine if its a keyboard issue or a computer/gigasampler/gig issue.

    Eg. Play the microsoft midi sounds from the keyboard. They sound very poor of course, but you should have dynamics.

    Eg. Record a sequence from the keyboard in a sequencer and look at the event list. Do the attact values differ? What happens if you play that sequence to the GigaSampler.

    Good luck,

    p.s. There\'s quite a difference between :
    \"no dynamics\" and \"dynamics are not the same\"
    what do you really mean?

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    Re: Steinway B samples dinamics

    Gigga: Sounds like one of two things: Either your Korg keyboard is not touch sensitive. Or the velocity response curve of the keyboard is not set to your liking. You can probably adjust this in some system setup of the keyboard.

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    Re: Steinway B samples dinamics

    I had a serious problem getting piano samples to sound right using my Roland RD-500. The problem was in the sensitivity settings of my keyboard. It was factory set at 50. I now have it set to 21 and it is so much more playable. What are your keyboard settings?

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