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Topic: When to Upgrade?

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    When to Upgrade?


    I'm wondering if I should upgrade to Giga 3 Orchestra now, or wait a couple more months.

    I have been waiting for a couple of reasons. One, I'm going to build a new computer within a few months, when the PCI express motherboards mature and get debugged and prices have come down. (I'm planning on building a Athlon 64 system.) I thought if I waited I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of installing it on one computer, then moving it to a different one, with whatever registration hassles that would involve.

    Two, if I do wait, Tascam will gets more of the bugs worked out (I understand they are up to version 3.02 already).

    I bought my copy of 160 in May of this year, so I get the $50 upgrade, but I'm wondering how long that offer will last, by the by.

    I haven't gotten any emails from Tascam, but I did check their website, and they have me down as eligible for the upgrade. I was thinking they would send out emails when their ready to handle the mass upgraders (vs the early adopters), and they've had it field tested by said early adopters. (thanks guys!) So I'm also wondering if I should wait untill Tascam emails out formal upgrade offers (or if they ever will.)

    If anyone has any inside info or opinions, I'd be glad to hear them.


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    Re: When to Upgrade?

    I doubt Tascam will be mailing out "formal upgrade offers". I also would assume there isn't any time limit on the upgrade offer, but you could call them to confirm.

    Another alternative would be to buy the upgrade now (since it is only $50), then simply wait (keep using GS2) for a few months to install it.

    The upgrades so far are not FULL installs (they require 3.0 to already be installed) so you will have to first install 3.0 anyway before you apply any updates.

    I doubt there would be problems either way, but again, you could call them if you are concerned about it.

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    Re: When to Upgrade?

    I agree with Martin. It's only $50 to upgrade. Just get the upgrade. You don't have to install it right away. All of the major problems that I had with GS3 were resolved with the two updates (it would crash my computer pretty much every time I tried to use it). So I say get the upgrade, keep it on yourself for a month or two until some more updates come out if you feel nervous about it.

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