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Topic: Is it me or do these ........

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    Thumbs up Is it me or do these ........

    updates sound more natural? I've been running through the pianie score slash vocal score with the new updated irrigated elongated permeated meatless no mustard hold the mayo instruments and they are quite a lot more natural sounding than the old decapitated tomato you say toemaato instruments.
    Why don't I just stop all this nonsense and get to the point! --> sorry, that's the best I can do.
    Anywhosamacallit, the flutes are awesome and the saxes sound like saxes. Wait, there are no saxes, right? Then what's this here? Oh, sorry, I was playing the dogs tail and she sounded like an alto sax playing a high F! Hmm, that would be an "Alpo" sax then right?

    Let me ask you a question. You know I am just going to sit here and write sompin stupid like I love you, so why do you bother?
    Anywho, I think I'm nuts too if it makes you feel better. Darn dog, get out from under my desk! Oops, thats not a dog. It's, it's,..........................

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    Re: Is it me or do these ........

    a) Though you are much loved, Styxx, you are in serious need of psychiatric incarceration.


    b) I've noticed, too, that the sounds seem to be much more lifelike, warmer, punchier,...


    c) See a).

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    Re: Is it me or do these ........


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    Re: Is it me or do these ........

    Quote Originally Posted by David_Maddux
    c) See a).

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