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Topic: Giga Edit help2

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    Giga Edit help2

    I can\'t open the GIGA Instrument tutorial at the Nemesys web site. Whenever I
    download it and open it I get gibberish or an error report. I\'ve queried Nemesys
    tech support, the webmaster, and Tascam about this and have not received any

    Anyone have any ideas about how to open this file? The file has .CHM suffix.
    The error report I receive is \"hh.exe\".


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    Re: Giga Edit help2

    The editor file is a compiled html help file. According to my PC, it\'s opened by a Microsoft program called \'html help\', or HH.exe, which lives in the Windows directory (at least that\'s where it is on my machine).

    Ms knowledge base on HH.exe is here:

    An alternate programme is available here (no idea if it\'s any good tho!):


    A PDF version of the Giga editor manual has just been made by a user and uploaded here:


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    Re: Giga Edit help2

    I finally opened the GIGA Instrument tutorial at the Nemesys web. I downloaded it through Internet Explorer. That\'s the only way I could open it. It wouldn\'t work through Netscape and it wouldn\'t work on Windows 2000 unless it was first downloaded through Internet Explorer.

    Thanks for the links.

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