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Topic: RME DIGI96/8PAD & GS3?

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    RME DIGI96/8PAD & GS3?


    OK just wanted to know if anyone else is using this combo and if you are finding the same things as me; namely that when I load instruments into GS3 my lightpipe audio drops out quite often and I need to go into system settings in GS3 and click OK in the hardware page to get audio happening again.

    Also, I have the extra BNC daughtercard for the RME so I can use wordclock sync with GS3; and I cannot get the PC to lock to incoming wordclock. It's always internal. I believe I have the latest RME driver so I don't know whether it's some weirdness with my PC, or a genuine driver issue (it's v1.70)

    I also have an Aardvark 20/20+ card/interface which I borrowed off my old PC to test this rig, but when I ran the Aardvark in external wordclock sync mode, the CPU meter in GS3 pinnned on 100% and no sound would come out at all! So I have two cards both of which are giving me issues with GS3. I have the latest driver with the Aardvark as well. BTW the Aardvark setup app did correctly 'find' 48kHz wordclock, so my source clock seems fine. But GS3 didn't want to know about driving the card in this mode.

    Any feedback welcome. Thanks.

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    Re: RME DIGI96/8PAD & GS3?


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