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Topic: Fiddlin.......programming

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    Question Fiddlin.......programming

    Well, I have now solved my midi file crisis (thanks to Alan). I have also caused Peter Roos to realize his "midlife crisis." Anyway, having used Kirk Hunter's Solo Violin for sometime now (mostly just romantic passages), I have the need to program a fiddle part. I've looked at Kirk's midi file to the Bluegrass piece because it sounds excellent. This is the sound I need to achieve. I am just at a loss on how one might go about programming this? The midi file was just the part itself. I have to take an educated guess that this was numerous tracks to get this sound. Anybody have a good example of how to program a fiddle track? Maybe just some advice. Thanks in advance!

    Here is the link to the song example:


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    Re: Fiddlin.......programming

    Great thread!

    I also own KHSS, but have never fiddled with it, so I can only state the obvious: little or no vibrato, lots of double stops, lots of slides, one fast line for the melody, the other strings in the chord are static, but also fast bowed. Use the "Tame" samples for the static notes.

    The melody uses grace notes or slides and repeats. For instance, play Eb, E, E, E over a static C and repeat. Use 8th notes in 2/4 time. You can use Kirk's bass pizz to play C, G, C, G quarter notes as a backup. It's a two step beat. Start with a I, IV, V type of progression that sounds good to start with. Don't over complicate things on your first try. If you do a back up band (e.g. brush drums, acoustic bass, accordian...) go for some breaks. Have the violin play a single, fast melody, then go back to double stops when the band comes back in.

    I've been watching Northern Exposure a lot lately, so I've been listening arefully to the zydeco they use in many of the eposodes. Been meaning to do something in that style, but haven't gotten around to it.

    Hopefully somebody can add more about the deep down MIDI tricks they used in the old time hoe downs.


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    Re: Fiddlin.......programming

    Well looking at the midi Jon, you seem to be very correct. The "tame hrdsus p-ff" is used for the 16th notes and it uses double stops (5ths and 4ths) for all of the 16th note "fiddle" parts. I am not sure what sound is used on the more melodic part......I am not that far into it. It looks like he used pitch bends at the start of each measure (but I haven't determined if it is just 1 note, or the whole double stop that is swooping in).

    Just some more analysis on the part: it starts off programmed in 4/4 for the first 3 measures, but then has a measure of 3/4 and then modulates back into 4/4. I agree the part is written in 2/4, but this is just an analysis on where the fiddle puts its emphasis in melody.

    I haven't tried a fiddle part before - I plan on trying one in-depth tomorrow. I have to figure out where the humanizing comes in. The current midi file has the shotgun effect cuz the velocity wasn't translated properly. I definitely would like anyone to chime in who has had any experience with this type of programming.

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    Re: Fiddlin.......programming

    That's pretty good MIDI fiddlin'....did the MIDI file come with the KHSS? I'm on order for the Orchestral Strings library when it ships (someday) but don't know how much of the KHSS is included.

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    Re: Fiddlin.......programming

    I requested the file from Kirk - he was kind enough to find it for me. It didn't come with the dvd. That would be cool if developers started including midi files for each of their major demos. I would enjoy that.
    Jonathan Kerr
    J.Kerr Music, Inc

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    Re: Fiddlin.......programming

    If it's an open chord, just bend the melody notes. The other notes are often open strings or fixed fingerings. (Disclaimer, I'm a guitarist, not a fiddler.)

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you can do with it.


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