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Topic: Just Got RMX

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    Just Got RMX

    I run a PT HD Accel 2 rig....lots of world class mics....preamps, compressors. Rarely does something come along that makes me go "wow." But RMX has me audibly again and again saying "Wow!" This is quite an achivement that will take a long time to tap into. $99 for the upgrade is ridiculous.....I mean stupid low for what you get. $299 is still a huge bargain. Wonderful Eric......God bless.

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    Re: Just Got RMX


    Glad you are digging it!

    spectrum :-)

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    Re: Just Got RMX

    Congratulations on a ridiculously cool piece of soft/soundware.

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    Re: Just Got RMX

    Thanks Nick...that's very kind of you!

    All the best,


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    Re: Just Got RMX

    SOUNDS FANTASTIC! Definitely worth the upgrade price (even more so when it was free!) Incredibly generous of you, Eric, and great business; now I feel it only proper to return the favor and put out the news to my local music-makers. Even at full retail, it's well worth the investment.

    Thanks for your energy over the years on behalf of the electronic music community (yes, I have been authorized to speack for the entire community... ) Your work has given voice to multiple generations of synthesists and composers, and saved me personally from hundreds of hours of sample and/or patch editing to achieve some sonic signature that you had already approximated (or, frequently, nailed.)

    And now I can fire my drummer...

    (Just kidding. I'll put his kit into RMX and show him how I want the part played!)
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Just Got RMX

    I also got RMX today, and I'm pretty much floored. What made me drool even more is the ability to upgrade with the xpanders - and after watching the tutorial and seeing how ridiculously easy it is to use, I began to bow.

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    Re: Just Got RMX

    Will MIDI drag and drop work in PT 6.7?

    Earthling: RMX is a Loop player/manipulator/constructor/effector with an ETERNAL library of loops that makes my head hurt trying to think of how to explain what it can do. You'd best go to spectrasonics.net and read for yourself.

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    Re: Just Got RMX

    One more vote for coolest development of the year. I can't think of one feature that users were requesting that didn't get implemented.

    BTW, I heard Stylus Classic on "The Biggest Loser" the other night... not that I watch that show... my wife told me... yeah, that's it.
    Chris Rickwood

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    Re: Just Got RMX

    Cant wait for my copy !

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    Re: Just Got RMX

    Okay, I dabbled with RMX some more - some more thoughts:

    Before I bought Stylus or started using loops, I hated the idea of using loops in the first place. I hated the fact that I was basically using pre-composed drum compositions to slip into my music - almost felt like cheating... I recently had to compose a piece that required some interesting drumming, and I certainly couldn't program them myself, so I decided to finally 'get with it' and buy Stylus (classic).

    PHAT! This was perfect for what I needed, and really made my job alot easier, and much more fun. Still though, you couldn't really do anything with the loops, which was no big deal - but still...

    Then, there was RMX (holy music cue). You're able to actually construct your own loops with smaller elements, like maybe a solo bongo, mixed with a bass kick pattern, snare pattern, ethnic percussion, ect. You also have the ability to apply several effects into each of the eight multitimbral parts, like limiters, compression, reverb, phasing, flange, and many others. You are basically composing your own loops and manipulating them in a variety of ways.. incredible.

    I'm relatively a super slow learner, but I pretty much learned the gist of this library in a few hours. The tutorial disc that comes with RMX is beautifully paced, uses easy-to-understand english, and entertaining.

    I'm actually not too much a fan of electronic drumming, so I was pretty interested in the xpander series. After seeing how much of a freakin' breeze it is to utilize the xpander loops in RMX, I commenced to drool. This blows my mind, and can't thank Eric and Co. enough for creating this. I'm sure those who've had to manipulate loops the hard way in the past are on cloud nine more than I.

    I guess there is only one downside, and that's how much cpu power it seems to take (using all 8 parts with multiple fx on each part that is). I can easily see someone having a seperate machine to really heavily use RMX - but that's hardly unattractive a notion seeing how incredibly useful this piece of genius is.

    Not only is RMX amazing, but Spectrasonics service has also been tremendous. They don't take a week to answer emails (next day actually), they deliver on time, and they keep a straight face while dealing with me and hundreds of others. By far the most 'professional' library company out there.

    Okay, enough worship here. Thanks!

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