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Topic: G3 Quick Sound data base rebuild problems

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    G3 Quick Sound data base rebuild problems

    GS 3 and the Quick Sound data base rebuild window hangs for several minutes after completion of a Quick Sound database rebuild. After the system is released, clicking on any of the (2) sample hard drives in the Quick Sound window causes GS 3 to hang again for 30 to 40 minutes before it will display the gig files on the drive. Then only way to alleviate the hanging in the Quick Sound window is to change the search mode from "Recursive" to "Local" (as "Local" will only scan the folder you are pointing to it renders the searching function useless). Have tried the rebuild several times but results are the same. The sound library is fairly large (fills (2) 200 GB internal drives) however no such problems were encountered on the same system running GS 2.5.

    My next step will be to split the library out into separate folders and rebuilding the DB a piece at a time to see if I can isolate corrupt files that could be causing this problem.

    Has anyone else run into this issue or have any ideas on a fix? Any assistance would be much appreciated.

    Windows XP
    P4 2.66 GHz
    1.50 GB of DDR PC-2700 memory
    1-40 GB HDD (7200 rpm system and program drive)
    2-180 GB HDD (7200 rpm library drives) with ATA/PCI controller card

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    Re: G3 Quick Sound data base rebuild problems

    It sure sounds like a renegade file. If you expand the informational view to its maximum, you can usually see which file causes the rebuild to hang.

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    Re: G3 Quick Sound data base rebuild problems

    Thanks for the reply. What's strange is that the DB rebuild does seem to complete okay (the log shows a few bad files as it goes but it proceeds). So it's not actually hanging during the re-build. After its completed is when I get the hang. Also, part of the Quick Sound window doesn't seem to redraw completely until released several minutes later.

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