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Topic: GS Editor help???

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    GS Editor help???

    I posted the following on the Trascam UBB but no one replied so....

    I\'m having problems using the GS Editor.

    What I\'m trying to do is combine 9 instruments from GOS into a new .GIG file and create a new instrument that combines all 9 with key switches so I can switch between them. I think I may be better off combining 8 instruments but that\'s another question. I just can\'t work out how to do this but I assume it\'s possible.

    I\'m not getting anywhere with the help files, even the new one for the GS Editor. I know how to create key switching instruments from scratch using the Instrument Wizard but that doesn\'t apply since I already have the GOS instruments I want and I don\'t want to build them again from scratch.

    I know how to combine instruments but the Instrument Bank won\'t let you combine more than two and anyway, correct me if I\'m wrong but you have to choose which instruments parameters get used for the new combined instrument and I want to keep the programming from the original GOS instruments.

    Can any one tell me how to do this?

    Dave Marsden

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    Re: GS Editor help???


    You need to build the big keyswitched instrument by doing several combines of two files - the first two instruments, then add the result to a third instrument, then add that three instrument result to a fourth instrument etc. Tedious, but the only way, I think.

    I\'m not actually sure what that note in the combine parameters page means when it says to take all other parameters from one of the instruments to be combined. I\'ve never noticed any programming go missing when I do a combine. Perhaps it\'s just the overall properties, like pitch bend range and fine tuning?

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    Re: GS Editor help???

    Actually, you can combine 4 at a time if they are not too complex with dimensions. In other words, you want to make sure you don\'t run out of dimensions when combining, otherwise, some of the articulations will be left out. You can combine 2 or 4 at a time but not 3 and not more than 4 at a time. In the case of combining 8 instruments into a single 8 way keyswitch, you need to import them all into the same gig file using the \"merge instruments\" in the file menu. Once they are all loaded, choose the first 4 that you want for the bottom m 4 notes of the keyswitch and combine them. Select keyswitch as the controller and use the up and down buttons to arrange them into the proper order. (0 is left most key, 127 uppermost key) Do the same with the other 4 instruments. Then combine the two combined instruments and you should have an 8 way keyswitch. Then you can assigne the keyswitch keyrange in the instrument properties. If you want a 9 way switch, you will basically be doing a 16 split keyswitch and wasting 7 of them. You would have to combine the 8 way keyswitch instrument with a 9nth instrument. Better to stick with 8 or add more for 16 to get your moneys worth. The dimensions in the GigaStudio are somewhat exponential. Everything doubles when adding dimensions. You don\'t get odd numbers or in between even numbers. (you get 1,2,4,8,16 and 32 but not 3,5,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,17,18 etc..) I think this was to simplyfy the disk streaming and loading process and keep things very simple and efficient. Hopefully in 3.0 we might get more dimensions and perhaps get out of the exponential thing. Who knows.
    My tutorial is now on sale and actually shipping by the way. (shameless plug he he) We do cover this and many other editor operations.
    I hope this helps.

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    Re: GS Editor help???

    Thanks for your helps guys.

    I\'m making much better progress now. Chadwick, I think what that option in the combine parameters window does is take the Properties of an instrument (from right clicking an instrument in the Instrument Bank pane, key switch range, attenuation etc.) and applies them to the other instruments that are being combined.

    I\'m still having problems that I think are related to the number of dimensions. The GOS violins instruments I\'m trying to combine have a lot of stuff going on and there\'s one in particular, the Short Bow Detache that will either crash GS Edit when I try to combine it or it sounds corrupted when it is combined with more than a couple of other instruments. I\'m beginning to wonder if I\'m trying to combine too much and running out of dimensions or as Dave pointed out, they don\'t divide into this 1,2,4,8,16 and 32 thing. Is there a quick and dirty way of finding out how many dimensions there are in an instrument?

    I\'m trying to combine EXP instruments with mod wheel crossfading the layers, ALT instruments, instruments with lots of velocity splits plus I\'m adding keyswitches and some instruments have MIDI CCs controlling envelope release and attack which I assume uses more dimensions. The reasoning behind this apparent madness is that I\'m trying to get as many GOS articulations as possible on the same MIDI channel when I\'m sequencing.

    Dave, yes I do need your tutorial CD!!! I enjoyed the demo on the GOS update disk.
    Is it available in the UK?

    Dave Marsden

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    Re: GS Editor help???

    Dave, yes I do need your tutorial CD!!! I enjoyed the demo on the GOS update disk.
    Is it available in the UK?

    Tascam is working on international distribution options to help save shipping for overseas customers. You can of course order it right now at www.nemesymusic.com online and pay whatever shipping charges may apply.
    Take care

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