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Topic: Real work using GPO!!!

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    Real work using GPO!!!

    I didn't mention this to you folks, but it was SO strange...the day after I got GPO in the mail, an independent Christian ministry emailed me (I hadn't corresponded with them for over 10 years) asking if I could arrange a 30-second orchestral track that would have voiceover with it for their T.V. program. They even offered to PAY ME?!!

    They had gone to Freeplay (see: http://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/...h.php?t=v&i=34) and picked out sort of a driving orchestral thing that was an example of what they were looking for.

    So I finished recording 3 examples for them tonight and you can hear them at:


    The first one is their voiceover going against the example Freeplay tune they had picked out. The other three are mine.

    Keeping my famous "simpler is better" approach in my head, I first simply tried using solo trumpet with the "America the Beautiful" melody and it almost works perfectly. I then tried my own melody (that is basically a cliche rip-off of every solo trumpet soundtrack piece that's ever been produced). I then used the X-Sounds Full Strings KS (and keyswitched it to the most aggressive bowing sounds) and also used Percussion battery (for the snares and timps) and the same trumpet solo as the first 2 examples and QUICKLY (we're talking MAYBE 45 minutes total) created something that sounded close enough to the Freeplay track for her to get a feel for what I can do, yet is different enough to not be a blatent plagiarism.

    I'm going to see if she likes the orchestral track (the 4th one on the page) and if so, then I'll massively clean it up and mix it much better and maybe even try a few variations on the trumpet melody within it.

    What a cool thing to actually potentially make MONEY with GPO!! And it was SO SO EASY!!


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    Re: Real work using GPO!!!


    Excellent job. I really like the simple approach. The orchestral one seems to work the best, in my opinion. Congratulation on the gig.

    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

    "The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music they should be taught to love it instead." - Igor Stravinsky

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    Hey Kevin,
    I agree with Jonny. Also, congrats on the gig, WITH PAY! ? Cool!

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    Re: Real work using GPO!!!

    Some interesting notes about doing this type of work (and I am certainly no expert here...just trying to tell you how I did it...and most of it is simply common sense):

    1. After listening in-depth to the voiceover that was provided to me, it sure seemed like the guy rushed the words. Can't blame him though, because he's trying to fit a bunch of stuff into 30 seconds.
    2. That said, when I threw the Freeplay song against the voiceover, I immediately noticed that they don't really "fit" tempo-wise. So I played just the voiceover and loaded up the Orchestra Percussion battery and tapped out a snare tempo that fit more with the tempo/rhythm of the voice. I did this so that the music would "fit" more closely with the tempo of the guys speaking voice so that the listener wouldn't get attracted to the music. Then I figured out that the snare taps were roughly at a tempo of 120, so I wiped out the voiceover, changed the tempo of the Sonar song to 120, then pulled the voiceover back in and then I could use a standard hi-hat metronome to keep my snares on tempo.
    3. Once the snares were done, I played the timps (on the root of the chord) to roughly the same rhythm as the snares but not as many notes as the snares.
    4. Once the snares and timps were fixed (and then I had a nice rhythm to play against), I then played both string notes (the I and V of the chord) separately and attempted to play them close to the snare rhythm, but not too close.
    5. Finally, with the snare/timps and strings done, I laid in the solo trumpet, using mod wheel at the end of each major phrase to make it sound like the note died away in a normal manner. It was kind of tough to pull it down slowly at the end of the 30-seconds and not appear too abrupt.

    Overall, a really fun little hour of work, especially since you only have to worry about 30 tiny seconds.

    So then my contact emails me back after hearing it and asks me to pull the trumpet volume down a little (which is fine) and (get this!) speed up the tempo. There goes all my work at attempting to match the tempo of the music to the tempo of the speaking voice.

    ah well...part of the territory I suppose!


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    Re: Real work using GPO!!!

    Just a little bump to let you know that I delivered a newer version to the client tonight with a faster tempo music bed.

    You can compare at:


    The two new ones are under the NEW TEMPO section. Compare the two voiceover tracks (#4 in the top section compared to #2 in the bottom section). I really think (and my wife agrees) that the new tempo version flows better and it doesn't sound like the voiceover and the music are fighting each other.

    Man...doing stuff like this is TOUGH! I wish I had more time to devote to this track especially when you consider how sloppy my strings are...on the other hand, the slight sloppiness might just add to the rhythmic nature of the beast.

    Anyway...all the tracks took 5 hours total of work...so we'll see how they like it!!
    Kevin B. Selby
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