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Topic: What System for Giga?

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    What System for Giga?

    Forgive me , but as a Mac user who just uses a PC to run Giga, I\'m not really up on the PC world....I\'ve been using Windows 98SE, but I hear the next version of Giga will only run on the newest PC system...I forgot what it\'s even called. I\'m using the latest version of Giga now...should I be switching over to whatever the newest Microsoft version is now, to get used to it, or will this screw up what I have now? I\'m on a PC built by Soundchaser for Giga...1.2 gig I believe, with 512 ram. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: What System for Giga?

    If Giga is running fine, I\'d leave things as they are. There\'s no need to upgrade until V3 of Giga comes out, and no one even wants to speculate how long that\'ll be. Who knows? By the time you really need to upgrade your OS there could be an XP\'se\' version available. I\'d wait until V3 is imminent and then have a chat with the Soundchaser guys.

    On the other hand, if your Giga system is sick, you\'ve probably got nothing to lose and might as well upgrade to what many are saying is a more stable OS than Win98se.

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    Re: What System for Giga?

    Well, I don\'t completely agree with Chadwick. I\'d check first to see if your motherboard allows you to expand beyond 512MB of RAM. If it does, move to the highest level possible, staying with Win 98SE.

    Another consideration is the drive handling your gig files. If possible, see if you can update to the newest WD 7200RPM drives with 8MB of cache. The bonus cache gives you the same speed as a 10000RPM SCSI drive according to Western Digital tests. Result: increased sustained polyphony.

    We have a line of Giga PCs at our TrueSpec site all of which come standard with 3-year onsite servicing, 3 year depot warranty, P4 2.2GHz, 1GB RAM and the previously mentioned Western Digital drives.

    TrueSpec GigaStudio Systems

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    Re: What System for Giga?

    Peter\'s right. I was only thinking about the OS upgrade. An extra 512mb ram would be a good upgrade for 98se.

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