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Topic: EXS24 vs the “Real Deal”

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    EXS24 vs the “Real Deal”

    ...a real hardware sampler that is.

    An interesting Sampler/Piano Comparison.

    Hey, so I did a comparison test using East West’s Ultimate Piano Collection which I have been using for some of my recordings with my E-mu E-Synth rack. I recently purchased Logic Pro 7 and did a couple of test recordings.

    I wanted to see how closely they match up. How do you think the EXS stacks up against the real deal?

    So here is The Test Page


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    Re: EXS24 vs the “Real Deal”

    They sound very similar, but I only had time to listen to the dry samples
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    Re: EXS24 vs the “Real Deal”


    I mean, generally the quality of your samples will only sound as good as your hardware (audio interface for a computer, and DA's for a rack sampler). Software will play a very small and subjective role in the sound, there is also a bit added by the filters used if any. All in all I find all of the fuss about hardware vs. software to be just that....fuss.

    Outside of live applications, hardware samplers are going the way of the dodo, so even if they sounded audibly better, the lack of practicality and cost pushes the masses towards virtual samplers.

    I abandoned hardware samplers at the earliest chance I got (in 1999 with Unity), before that I was using SampleCell which was in a way a hardware/virtual sampler. I have a long history working with samplers, I started out in '85 with a Prophet 2000, used just about everything from Akai and Emu to Synclaviers. I have to say that for me the virtual revolution could not have come fast enough. I will never look back and for live applications my laptop is my new rack tower!

    My advice is that your time is probably better spent composing more great music like I heard on your site!
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: EXS24 vs the “Real Deal”

    Quote Originally Posted by midphase
    My advice is that your time is probably better spent composing more great music like I heard on your site!
    Good advice. Well I was sort of bored the other day and I just got Logic a little over a week ago...


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