I am still on the trail of consumer level interfaces that will work together -- by consumer level I mean those pieces that generally run under $400 a pop to get some amateur/consumer music making going. All this work is being done on Mac -- with a eye toward an article (freelance) in the consumer level mags.

The way to use GPO with GarageBand is klunky (thanks to Garageband), but it is effective with a lot of RAM and the time to set up patch banks one at a t ime.. Interfacing GPO with BIAB is a search in progress, but no simple one step solution has been found. (Sort of like the search for the Fountain of Youth -- or Xanadu.)

Now I am looking at adding a consumer level sequencer (other than GB and BIAB) to the mix. I have washed out CueBase SE early on because Steinberg's unresponsiveness to non-install problems and general way of dealing with consumers.

Are there any (non-flame) feelings or comparisons between Logic 7 lite and Digital Performer 4.5 and their functionality for poor music readers or ear players? Another take would be to compare those two to midi connecting Overture through NI synth and samplers.

Your feedback would be appreciated. If you wish to have me quote you in the article being specked -- please let me know.