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Topic: crash with capture to audio

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    crash with capture to audio


    now its happen to me: when I push the button capture to audio, the system crashes down with a BSOD and ew.sys is mentioned as the reason. I read the posts here in this forum but it seems, there is no clear answer or workaround given until now. Did I oversee anything? I'd be glad about ideas to solve this problem. I have P4, 1 GB RAM, WinXPPro SP2 and Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96. HT is disabled.

    Thanks Kai

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    Re: crash with capture to audio

    I got around this by enabling more than two channels on my audio card. It didn't help though as I still got garbage when capturing. However, I have since read that you will not be able to capture in any case unless you sound card has a GSIF 2 driver. Rewire seems to be the only option if you don't have a card supporting GSIF 2. I would like to stand corrected on this point if anyone has more info.


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    Re: crash with capture to audio

    The Terratec drivers are known to be incompatible with GS3's capture. I don't know which party is responsible or what it being done to fix it. Rewire seems a good solution until it is fixed.


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    Re: crash with capture to audio

    I believe the only option may be to rip the Terratec card out and put in one of the more successful cards with GS3... thats what I've done and the app works fine now.
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    Re: crash with capture to audio


    it seems, I have to leave my terratec I phoned Terratec yesterday and they didn't know, when and even if a GSIF 2 driver is available). I love their products because they are very creativ but in the last time they pushed out too much new products and I believe, the quality and support for the older products are suffering about this.
    Well, I read about a card M Audio Delta Audiophile 2496. It seems a good card for GSIF to me. Is it right? Can I make capture to audio or rewire with this card without any problems, is the driver GSIF 2 version, is this card able to play simple audio via windows or a CD (not a game) and works this card together with a second soundcard like my old terratec because this one has 5.1 and when I booz onto my other windows-partition, when I like to play my flightsimulator in 5.1?
    Many questions, but I hope, the answers will be satisfied for me.

    Thanks Kai

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    Re: crash with capture to audio

    For me I prefer the Echo MIA for two reasons:

    1) It has four virtual stereo outputs. That means that you can capture four Giga tracks at a time to wav. With the 2496 you can only capture one.

    2) It has balanced I/O using 1/4" TRS connectors. That makes it more professional, quieter and better with long cables. My Mackie 1402 is also balanced, so it's a perfect match. (You can also connect it to unbalanced sources/destinations.)

    Both the 2496 and the MIA support only GSIF 1.0. I'm not sure what the GSIF 2.0 plans are for each company.

    I'm not sure about running either card with GS3 and an additional 5.1 soundcard. It should work, but you may be asking for trouble. There's no guarantee.

    The other option is to run in Rewire mode. Then capture to wave doesn't matter. I'd try that before buying another audio card.


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    Re: crash with capture to audio

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    ....Both the 2496 and the MIA support only GSIF 1.0. I'm not sure what the GSIF 2.0 plans are for each company...
    The 2496 supports GSIF2 with the latest drivers.

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    Re: crash with capture to audio

    to Erik:

    that sounds very good!

    to John: what does it mean: one track? Only one instrument for one MIDI-channel? For example: I want to load 4 instruments (not stackered) in 4 MIDI-channels and during I paly a melody, I want to capture it. Not with the Delta?

    Thanks kai

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    Re: crash with capture to audio

    Save yourself the trouble....ditch the Terratec card.

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    Re: crash with capture to audio


    I tried now a little bit with the outputs (there are two with the terratec) and I saw, that there is a crash only when I arm both channels for recording. If it is only one, I can capture audio. But the wavefile is only mono on the left channel and sounds very scratchying. But it works finally. Why can I only arm one channel, the card offers me two? The reason is Terratec again? And how can I improve the quality of the audiofile and get it in stereo?

    thanks Kai

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