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Topic: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!

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    STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!


    I\'m running Giga 96 2.5 and Sonar 2.0, and I\'ve tried everything I can think of/read about. But as Sonar plays a simple piano track, it bogs down, makes popping sounds and plays \"phantom\" notes. Gigastudio indicates there\'s plenty of memory and CPU available, and it happens even though there are only 30 voices playing max.

    Here\'s my gear:
    ASUS CUSL-2C Board, 1GHz Pentium III, 256MB RAM
    ATA-100 Seagate 60GB HD (Giga Files),
    ATA-100 Western Digital 20GB HD (OS)on UDMA controller card.
    Aardvark DirectPro 24/96
    Win 98SE
    ATI Rage 128 AGP Video Card

    Stuff I\'ve tried:
    Graphics acceleration low or lowest
    Remove network card
    Got rid of everything running in the background except Explorer, Systray, and MSG32
    Set Virtual Memory min and max to 512 MB
    Turned off read-ahead optimization
    Turned off CD auto insert notification
    Turned off write-behind caching
    Set vcache to 16 MB
    Reinstalling Gigastudio/Giga files

    I\'ve had my computer for a year now and I\'ve never been able to get GigaStudio to work with more than a dozen voices without dropouts/phantom notes. Should I just give up and get a new computer and Win XP?

    I live in central Orange County CA, so if you would like to take a look at it, I would offer some $$ IF you are successful!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!

    I haven\'t seen the other posts about your problem, but here a couple of thoughts and a question or two...

    First of all, I\'m not surprised that the usual tweaks haven\'t substantially improved your situation. They are really designed to squeeze more performance from a machine that already basically works. At 30 voices, yours is not doing too well.

    The phantom notes go hand-in-hand with the popping problem, both are indicators that your system is not keeping up with the required data transfer.

    Are you sure you have no hardware conflicts vs. Giga? Have you tried using the standard IDE channels for your hard disks instead of the ATA100 controller? This solved all the problems for me in a machine that\'s the same age as yours.

    Do you also get the same polyphony limitation when you play live from a keyboard? Have you assigned the sequencer a higher priority in Giga?

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    Re: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!

    Titus, with only 30 voices something is really wrong. The only thing I can think of that could cause this is either wrong IDE drivers or wrong IDE cable. But since you use the PC for other things besides GS, I don\'t expect you to use 40-pin IDE cables instead of 80 UDMA ones. The 40 pin cables, used on an UDMA enabled system, can cause IDE transfers to go wrong - your mouse will jerk and transfers will be very slow.

    That\'s about the only thing I can think of being wrong.

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    Re: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!

    First, I played GS live and found that indeed I do get much more polyphony than after I launch SONAR and play live (although the middle C sample has a weird harmonic in it ??).

    After that, I moved my hard drive cables to the primary/secondary IDE connectors on the motherboard. And went into Control Panel and made sure my DMA boxes were checked. I also launched SONAR from within GS, with priority set to 1 (also I tried 8). And my drive cables are definitely the 80-pin variety.

    Sadly, performance has not improved with the sequencer. So it appears to be a problem caused by having SONAR and GS open together.

    Doug, could you be more specific about hardware conflicts? My soundcard doesn\'t appear to have any IRQ conflict. Where else should I look? Also, how do I know if I have the right drivers?

    Anyone else can chime in anytime. I would love to actually USE this software!!


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    Re: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!

    I would up the memory to at least 512 MB if you have more problems when Sonar is loaded. You\'re system should be able to play almost 160 voices. I get 96 voices on my PIII-733 without pops or clicks and running Sonar at the same in both Win 98 and Win XP.

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    Re: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!

    Just a thought( you didn\'t mention doing this).. have you defragged your hard disks recently? At times this can make a huge difference.


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    Re: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!

    Hello Titus,

    I found this note on the Aardvark support site:

    \"If there are dropouts, or other playback problems in Sonar, here\'s what to do: If you have a Direct Pro 24/96, LX6 or q10, go to the ADVANCED menu, ASIO and DirectX(tab). If you have the Aark 24, 20/20+, or 20/20, go to the ASIO and DirectX tab of Aark Manager. Here, try boosting the DirectSound Hardware buffer size. The optimal buffer size varies considerably depending on the computer being used. Try a few settings to see which works best for you.\"

    Maybe this will help. Here\'s the link as well:

    Aardvark - Sonar Quickstart tutorial


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    Re: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!

    I have found my PCs have had their cleanest results (not that they necessarily can sustain 160, although they peak to 160) with a larger vcache. Don\'t know why. Mine is set to min & max 65536. You should probably not go that high without installing more RAM or, if you do, don\'t try loading too many samples.

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    Re: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!

    Originally posted by Titus:
    I live in central Orange County CA, so if you would like to take a look at it, I would offer some $$ IF you are successful!

    Thanks in advance,
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">We\'re in LA up by Culver City for our TrueSpec Systems ( www.truespec.com - the site is still under construction). A couple thoughts on things you\'ve missed.

    First, with Sonar, you need RAM. In our book, How MIDI Works 6th Ed., we looked at the relationship of RAM to tracks. With virtual instruments, it\'s a critcal component.

    There could be IRQ sharing issues, along with changes needed in the BIOS. You also didn\'t mention the possibility of DirectX conflicts.

    The idea of downplaying video accelleration to 16MB was for yesterday. Some cards are designed so efficiently, that setting them to 16 creates more problems then at 32. Notice I said SOME cards, not ALL cards.

    Finally, it could be the card itself.

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    Re: STILL get popping and "phantom notes" with Gigapiano!


    I use Sonar/GigaSampler/Direct Pro with no problem after some initial trouble. Make sure you have the newest software from Aardvark, then open the Direct Pro Control Panel (mixer), open the advanced dialoque, ASIO/DirectX tab and try different settings for Direct X hardware buffer size. A value of 128 works for me.

    Good Luck,

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