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Topic: Capture to Wave Improvements?

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    Capture to Wave Improvements?

    What improvements are in GS3 regarding the "capture to wave" feature? Are there any? I took the Tour of GS3 on the Tascam site and didn't see anything about this. Thanks!

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    Re: Capture to Wave Improvements?

    If you have multiple audio outputs on your soundcard, you can capture multiple tracks to your hard drive.

    For instance my MIA has four virtual stereo outputs. So, if I want to capture the instruments separately and do an offline mix, I can do it four times as fast as before.


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    Re: Capture to Wave Improvements?

    So you have to have the hardware (the card with the multiple outs) to capture multiple tracks at ones, even though the data goes directly to the drive?

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    Re: Capture to Wave Improvements?

    What JonFairhurst says is, of course, correct.

    But even better is the ability to use Rewire mode. Then you can capture as many audio tracks from GS3 as your CPU can handle.

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    Re: Capture to Wave Improvements?

    I have been using GS3 with nuendo 2 and have been having no probs since 3.02 update.

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