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Topic: Help with Quick Sound data base

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    Help with Quick Sound data base

    Over the weekend I installed some new libraries in Giga:

    GOS, LOP, Giga Harp,...

    Anyway, I rebuilt the Quick Sound data base and am getting very \"squirrlely\" results.

    Rebuilding the data base seems pretty straight forward...and I believe I did this correctly, but Quick Sound doesn\'t recognize all my gig files now...even some that it used to recognize.

    I run XP on a Pentium III 1khz machine, custom built for giga...500+ megs ram. I don\'t know what else is under the hood, as I\'m not a PC techie.

    Is there a trick to getting Giga to recognize a large amount of gig files?...or do I perhaps have a buggy installation of giga?

    It is version 2.5

    Any suggestions would be \'preciated.

    Should I go back to Windows 98 SE?


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    Re: Help with Quick Sound data base

    Not really an answer, but a suggestion: try removing/uninstalling your new libs, then see if Giga rebuilds correctly.

    If not, first uninstall, then reinstall Giga. (Don\'t just copy over the old copy.) Have it again search the libraries. If all is OK, go on, if not, yoj may have to start iver (reinstall OS, then Giga, then libs.)

    When it\'s OK with what you previously had working, go on.

    Try installing just one of the new libs (LOP, perhaps, NOT GOS, that\'s too many CDs for this test. If it\'s OK, move on, else it\'s Tascam help line time.

    Cotinue installing new libs, run Quicksound update after each. Save GOS for last. If it allows this, just install 2 or 32 CDs at a time, updating after each. If it doesn\'t like that, then jump in and pray.

    Like I said, not really an answer, but a workaround unless someone has a better idea (Killerbob? You reading this?)


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