OK, i give up. I can\'t get these keyswitches to work. Here\'s what I\'m trying to do...

I want to take existing samples that I have, merge them, then add key switches because I do not have a mod wheel.

I think I have the merge part down. My problem begins when I try to add the keyswitch. I get to in the instrument editor to step two, then when I hit continue, this error message comes up..

\"Warning: the range you have defined overlaps at least one existing reginon, which will need to be deleted. Continue?\"

From what I can tell, none of my regions are overlapping.

So, I think what I need is someone to tell me step by step how to do this. I thought I may be advanced enough now to do it on my own, but i guess not. Thanks guys. Sorry to keep buggin\' everyone.