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Topic: Zarqawi is the new WMD

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    Zarqawi is the new WMD

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    I was listening to NPR and they were talking to some Iraqi official (damn, I'm bad at remembering their position & name..if anyone knows details, please post) who openly said that Zarqawi is the new excuse the Bush regime is using to justify what they're doing in Iraq. First it was WMDs, now it's Zarqawi.

    This meshes well with the common theory that Zarqawi either doesn't exist or is already dead. Well.. he's pretty busy for a dead guy (he's responsible for 700+ killings). In fact, a LIVING terrorist would have a hard time keeping up with Zarqawi's kill count! Sounds like a load of BS to me. I wouldn't put it past the Bush regime to make up a name and say, "This is the guy we're after!" Whatever happened to Osama?

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    Re: Zarqawi is the new WMD

    I think Bush finally understands something from the Internets:

    OBL and Zarqawi are nicknames from one and the same person: the devil himself.

    /ban him! /kick him!

    Slap him with a trout

    I feel about this actually

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