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Topic: Best Vocal Library?

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    Question Best Vocal Library?

    Hi all,

    I record a lot of worship and contemporary christian music and am wondering what you all might suggest in regards to a good vocal library for mixing with background vocals (oohs, aahs, etc...)? I've seen some impressive packages (SOV, VOTA), however, I am still unsure if they would provide the warmth and presence i'm looking for. Also, it would be very cool to have the ability to build words.

    The focus in most of the packages i've listened to demos on, seem to be the big "Hollywood" sound you might hear in movies like Lord of the Rings, etc.

    Is anyone out there using something like this for enhancing background vocals in a recording?

    Thanks for your replies!


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    Re: Best Vocal Library?

    What I've noticed from the samples is that SOV is better for soloists and VOTA is better for ensembles. If money was not an issue, obviously, I would get both, but for LOTR orchestrations, I would probably start out with VOTA, or wait until VOTA II.

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    Re: Best Vocal Library?


    If you're looking to enhance background vocals you might want to consider a couple of other libraries. Check out the Vocaloid Lola demo song called "Little Bird". Real singer with vocaloid background vocals. One of the few instances where I think Volcaloid really shines through.

    Also you may want to consider Vocal Planet. From what I've read (and heard demo wise) it has pop vocals, gospel, etc.

    Just a couple of other options,


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    Re: Best Vocal Library?

    For soloist backing vocals, why not go with the Diva libraries. There are a lot of articulations and excellent controls. There are even some small ensemble patches. I think this is more in line with what you are looking for.


    There's also some other great stuff from Bela D on the horizon. Check it out.

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    Re: Best Vocal Library?

    By all means.. wait for EWQLSO Choir! Q1 2005

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    Re: Best Vocal Library?

    DJ - check you PM

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