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Topic: Gigastudio constantly crashing

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    Gigastudio constantly crashing

    Having just installed Gigastudio for the first time (2.52.06) it crashes on every start with errors either in kernel32.dll or in mfc42.dll.

    I am using a audiophile2496 (with latest driver) on a Win Me System with AMD 1400, 384 MB RAM and a 40 GB Harddisk (whereof 25 GB free). What I found rather strange that \"Run Diagnostic\" in Gigastudio shows my C-Drive as \"C:\\ - DRIVE_FIXED 1.1023 Gbytes (Total Size), 1.1023 Gbytes (Avail Space) and in the bottom half of the screen my C-Drive even don\'t show up.

    I have followed every hint on these and other forums, deinstalling Gigastudio, all drivers, the audio card and performing a fresh install afterwards with absolutely no success.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Gigastudio constantly crashing

    I got this \"kernel32\" error as well when I first installed Gigastudio 96. I decided to format my hard drive and start over. I reinstalled Gigastudio and it seemed to work. it still crashes occassionally but at least I can USE it now!

    Hope this helps.


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