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Topic: New to Giga

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    Question New to Giga

    Sorry if this is really noob, but I am totally new to GS. I'm seriously thinking of building a PC to take some pressure off my mac and because GS looks amazing. The only problem being that I'm not familiar with PC's coming from a mac world and have no idea where to begin choosing what processor, motherboard, hard drives, memory, sound cards, etc. to get. You guys all sound like you know this sctuff inside and out. So maybe you could give me a few tips or direct me to a site that explains this stuff.


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    Re: New to Giga

    thanks man...yeah amd seems the way to go...i was talking to one of my teachers the other day and they were talking about a program that will let you send midi and audio over ethernet...do you or anybody have any idea about this? Also a general question over which kind of processor to buy...single, dual, single with hyperthreading, 64bit?...the tascam site says it does not support dual, hyperthreading or 64bit at this time, but i'm afraid of buying something and then the next day they have an update for 64bit support or something...or maybe i'm just overworrying the issue and a single 32 bit processor will server me fine for some time...


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    Re: New to Giga

    Have a look here:



    As for the PC... well it's a bit like buying a car. The whole deal is scalable because everyone pushes things to different degrees. If you're just noodling about, an old PC with a cheap audio card would probably cope, but if you're loading very large libraries and trying to get hundreds of stereo voice streams simultaneously - then you could be talking about three or four PCs and RME audio hardware.

    My best advice would be to find a music store who can put you in touch with someone who 'tweaks' PCs for audio. Yes, it's important to get a good PC, but it's probably more important to have someone who knows XP to run their fingers across your machine and optimise its settings - that will make the most difference. This guy may also be able to specify a good PC setup for your needs.

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    Re: New to Giga

    I have Pentium IV 3.0 GHz processor intel motherboard: Audiophile 2496 soundcard with (GSIF 2.0 Driver you need that for running Gigastudio as standalone app) running Sequencer and Gigastudio simultaneously. If you want to run huge multisampled instruments like piano's and symphonie instruments i sufggest you may buy seperate harddisk for streaming audio wav files, and the other less faster for running the OS. I run on a SCSI disk because of recording audio and streaming instruments simultaneously.
    If you only use drumkits and or some sampled Akai cd roms instruments than one fast harddisk will be enough (7200 RPM Sata) but two harddisks is better.

    You can transfer midi over lan connection via Musiclabs :midioverlan software. The audio will go over the audiocard HOWEVER you can route the audio back through Gigateleport in that case you don't need an extra audiocard. If routing back audio over LAN than you need GIGAbit network cards the best are the ones build on the motherboard itself. A lot things to sort out for you but Gigastudio is the coolest sampler ever! It's worth to get a PC.

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