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Topic: Problems with DFD

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    Problems with DFD

    Hi good people of GPO-land.

    I know I already have two strikes against me, but they are unavoidable for now. They are:
    1) Running Windows 98SE
    2) Only 512MB RAM

    I have tried to open an existing song in Logic 5 which has about 7 instances of the VST player going with DFD enabled. I end up with an error message in Logic which says Logic now has to close. With DFD disabled, everything is ok. But DFD is not.

    Any suggestions (that don't include spending money? )



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    Re: Problems with DFD


    GPO is designed to work in WinXP, and only WinXP. That could be your problem. Unfortunately, that doesn't give you a cost-free solution.


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    Re: Problems with DFD


    I was afraid of that.

    Thanks anyway.


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    Re: Problems with DFD

    Rob, if Lock Memory No Swap is enabled (green) turn it off and see if that helps. That's been a way around the huge preload in Studio, so this may help with your setup as well.

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