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Topic: Announcing FREE Updates for GPO Users

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    Smile Announcing FREE Updates for GPO Users

    I am pleased to announced that the new updates to the Garritan Personal Orchestra library are available as a free download to all registered GPO users:


    Here's a quick overview of many of the new features in the Library itself:

    • "Full Strings" instruments
    • Aggressive string instruments
    • Aggressive brass instruments
    • Advanced keyswitched instruments
    • "Length" control parameter
    • Solo winds vibrato control
    • Advanced portamento control
    • "Playable" single key tremolos and trills in solo strings
    • "Playable" single key rolls in percussion
    • Tonal variation control in pipe organ instruments
    • Extended vibraphone controls
    • Folder organization in "score" order and Ens Instruments renamed

    Here are some of the new enhancements to the GPO Kontakt Player:

    • Optional DFD (Direct From Disk) streaming of samples now available as a separate download
    • Larger screen fonts on instrument names for easier loading (many have requested this)
    • - ± buttons have been added to the Load menu, to allow for easier browsing of the library.
    • Improved "Find" and "Auto-Find" quickly locates patches.
    • Loading times and general performance improved in all hosts.
    • Keyswitches appear as yellow keys on the onscreen keyboard.
    • The positions of both this pulldown and the horizontal slider are saved when the application is closed, and will reset to these positions in subsequent sessions.
    • The user-assignable modulation router has been completely reworked. It no longer modulates the value of CC24, but instead controls a separate "hidden" controller, CC25. In addition, CC11 (Expression) has been added, and the "Aftertouch" modulation option is now correctly named "Poly-Aftertouch". This is a particular benefit to Logic and Garage Band users as a workaround to the Logic reset to "0" bug.
    There are some fixes to the Player: Right-channel clicking on certain instruments now fixed, User-positioned knob values now recall correctly in hosts, Projects now load the correct per-slot MIDI channel, rather han setting to Omni, Polyphony setting now correctly limits the number of voices being processed, Both Automatic Variability knobs now work properly

    The X-Custom Addition
    to the GPO Library has now been posted as a separate and optional download.

    • The X-Custom addition to the library is for people who want to customize their controllers. It allows users to have custom control over volume/timbre MIDI assignments and dynamic range thoruhg the assignable slider in the Player. This feature is especially useful for users with Wind Controllers. Also, this is particularly helpful for people with certain sequencers. For instance, Logic 6 (and earlier) and GarageBand users have the reset to "0" bug which this addition will allow you to reset the controller and avoid. With the X-Custom Folders, please note that all instruments load at full volume rather than the minimum volume standard used in the Dry and Wet Audition folders. This is useful for people with Standard MIDI files they want to play or with particular sequencers as well. Most users will not need this optional addition.

    GPO Studio:

    • Capture to Audio feature with GPO Studio (record audio from notation scores i.e. Overture, Sibelius and Finale)
    There may be more features we forgot to mention. There are also many tutorials that have been posted on the GPO site. Many thanks to Tom Hopkins, the beta team, Native Instruments, Joseph Burrell, Dennis DeSantis, Martin Jann, Jeff Hurchalla, Wendy Carlos and many of you who have provided help and suggestions for this update.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Announcing FREE Updates for GPO Users

    Too....much.....value!....Head....going.....to.... explode!

    I remain solely responsible for the content of my messages, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless northern sound source, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of my message(s). Rock on.

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    Re: Announcing FREE Updates for GPO Users

    Hello everyone,
    I have been away from the forum awhile but I see there are now updates for GPO . I was wondering where you can get the updates to the Library itself. I went to http://www.garritan.com/downloads.html but I didn't see a specific link to download the "updates to the library", are these included in the Kontakt update, or do I need to go somewhere else to download those? Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Announcing FREE Updates for GPO Users

    They're included in the Kontakt Player update.

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