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Topic: Giga velocity response too steep--please help

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    Giga velocity response too steep--please help

    I have been struggling with this problem of GS 96...namely that the velocity response curves are so steep that there is no playability. In other words, the loudness of a note isnt linear with my attack on the keyboard, and seems to have a sudden jump. Intially I thought this had to do with the samples I had but seems to be a problem no matter what giga sample I use..

    smoothness of playability is everything in music, and can completely destroy the feel for an instrument, whether software or real. When I play a real violin, the "response curve" is perfect of course.

    I am sure this is a problem people have encountered. Any ideas on how I could change this would be appreciated.

    thank you !
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    Re: Giga velocity response too steep--please help

    As you mention that this seems to happen regardless of sample type, my intuition would be that it is your midi controller and not Gigastudio that is the culprit.

    Have you checked which velocity curve your controller is set to? You can also monitor incoming midi data using the "midi monitor" view in GS (at least in GS3, and I believe for GS2.5) this will tell you what values GS is seeing from your controller.

    If you tell us what type of controller you are using, someone here might be able to assist you in finding the proper setting.



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    Re: Giga velocity response too steep--please help

    thanks David

    I didnt realize that the controller also has a velocity response.
    I use roland edirol pcr50.

    I'll look into the manual to see how the response curve is set.


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