Oh lord please help me.

I just installed my upgrade from Kontakt 1.21 to 1.5............now I open cubase SX 1.6 with my existing projects and go to open up my Vst instruments panel, and nothing shows up. Atmosphere and Stylus are seemingly \"nowhere to be found\" .......F**k!!!

I hate upgrades!!!!!!!! Does anyone have any insight as to the cause or rationale of this problem?

Running Win XP / P IV 2.4 / 1 gig RAM / RAID / Giga 2.5 / Cubase SX 1.6 / IEEE Drives out the wazoo, blah blah blah. Unistalled 1.21 prior to 1.5 install and DFD dll.

What a PITA!!

When I installed Kontakt vst dll I put iti inside the folder for Cudase SX / vst folder.

Sorry for the rant. I\'m just really upset with myself, and the whole industry in general with the exception of Spectrasonics.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img] )