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Topic: "I Oversee the Maintenance of the Toolshed"

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    "I Oversee the Maintenance of the Toolshed"

    I am writing a piece for classical guitar, keyboardists and percussionists for the short film "I Oversee the Maintenance of a Toolshed". More info on my web site. I wanted you all to hear it so far. The only non GPO is the Classical Guitar, which is from NI Kontakt. Grammy nominated Apostolos Paraskevas will be the guitarist.


    I'm interested in hearing first impressions on it so far.

    - Jesse Hopkins

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    Re: "I Oversee the Maintenance of the Toolshed"

    Doesnt help if I say sounds great, does it?
    Say it anyhow: sounds great.
    Constrictive criticism:
    Between 0:40 and 1:0 you switched for me from guitar to harp. If thats not your intention, I would rework this part.
    I'm also not allways happy with the tonal color of the piano in this context. To find out , I would replace it with marimba or muted harpsichord and bring the piano back only where needed.
    hope this helps

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    Thumbs up Re: "I Oversee the Maintenance of the Toolshed"

    I was waiting to hear percussion depicting the title a bit more with some “Tool Shed” metal sounds. I guess when I read "Maintenance" and "Toolshed" it brought about my expectations. Other than this, it is an excellent piece.

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