I own the Advanced Orchestra Compact edition sampel libery. This is a Akai libery and since I have GS LE witch includes the S-converter I thougt threre will be no problem in converting it.
But I just newly discovered uggly sounding notes in the 6th sampel of the soft strings counted from the left when opened in the editor. It\'s accual 3D, 3D# and 3E, they are sharing the same sampel and it sounds just like there is added one extra note three half notes down relative to 3D, 3D# and 3E. HOW IRRITATING!
My conclusion is that it happened when it\'s converted. I\'ve extracted the sampels as wave files and noticed that the sampel in question played in Wavelab didn\'t sound uggly at all.
How do I solve this in the editor, and is it possible to do this in the GS LE editor.
This was my first question.

The next thing is that those akai liberys have the FF and MP sampels seperated witch is not prefereble for a giga user.
There are
Brass sus FF and Brass sus MP
Woodwinds sus FF and Woodwinds sus MP
Timbani FF, MP and PP
How do I combine the velocitis of one instrument into one gig with crossfade layers, and again is this possible in the GS LE editor.