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Topic: New Giga User - Some help Please

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    New Giga User - Some help Please


    I\'m a new GS160 user. Eveything is loaded and working on my PC rig, (only have the GigaPiano so far) but I have a couple of questions.

    I plan to get the tutorial but for now can anyone tell me if the software has audio recordig capability? That is, can I just path 2 channels of audio (either analog or digital) through my MOTU 2408, which is the interface I am using, into the GS160 software to be used as a mixdown medium?

    I wouldn\'t necessarilly be using the sampling software at the same time. Thanks


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    Re: New Giga User - Some help Please

    Larry, I\'ve never bothered to try this, but I know you can record saples, and a song is really just a long sample, I suppose. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    OTOH, I know a couple of businessmen in the 70s who tried to buy an Apple II computer, and one program-Visicalc (think Excel as a baby...)

    Yes, you could make a single cell as wide as the full screen and write your letters in it. Yes, you could sort or use it as a database. But what you save in money and disk space is completely overshadowed by the rest of the hoops you have to jump through to make it work (in the case of Visicalc, think about writing a letter one line of text at a time. If you need to insert a word in the middle of the line, you may have to rewrite every line below to make it fit. Giga has no audio editor. So you could record, but to make ANY changes to the audio file, you\'d have to rerecord from scratch (or import into an audio editor, why not just buy one at the beginning...)



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    Re: New Giga User - Some help Please

    Points well taken Dasher (I think I was that guy in the 70\'s, and I did use Visicalc)

    This is just a stopgap measure. I had to take the MOTU hardware out of my Cubase DAW to use in the GigaStudio rig until I get another interface but...... I get it. Thanks for the laughs


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