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Topic: Problem with gigasampler in system.ini file

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    Problem with gigasampler in system.ini file

    I\'ve got a problem with de gigasampler file which is loaded through the system.ini file ([386Enh]
    device=D:\\MUZIEK\\PROGRAMS\\GIGASA~1\\vrtkrnld.vx d)
    This file makes two windows programs crash (MsgLoop32 and Msg32) which causes my computer to crash more and more. But when i remove this line from the system.ini file gigasampler won\'t start.

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    Re: Problem with gigasampler in system.ini file

    Vrtkrnld.vxd is the actual sampler engine for GS, so removing it means GS won\'t work at all. Your crashes with Msg32.exe is a common problem and there\'s a number of things to check on. Make sure you are not sharing an IRQ with another card that does bus mastering (most video cards, SCSI controllers, 3rd party IDE controllers, some network cards, etc.). Try moving your soundcard to a different slot. Also, make sure all your drivers for the motherboard are up to date. Don\'t run any unnecessary background tasks. Start the program MSCONFIG.EXE and click on the Startup tab, then uncheck any unneeded programs. If you get really stuck, head on over to the official Tascam BBS;f=16 and post your problem there. There have been at least a couple of threads on this before so they\'ll be able to help you better.

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