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Topic: Logic Audio G5 & PTHD

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    Logic Audio G5 & PTHD

    Is anyone else using Logic Audio, a G5 and PTHD Hardware? This has got to be the most buggy system I've ever used. This is my 4th PT system used with Logic as a front end and I've never had any problems like this.
    Freezes with no option to force quit. When it crashes, it makes a really nasty digital noise like an endless stutter edit. I've tryed rebuilding my autoload, removing the ram, dumping preferences, all the stuff they tell you to do. I'm really scared to use this system for a session with clients in the room, not to mention a singer who just got the "perfect take" and my computer just crashed. I have to save every time I do anything which kills the work flow. Anyone having similar problems?

    John Angier

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    Re: Logic Audio G5 & PTHD

    I've been reading alot about these kinds of problems on the Yahoo-Logic-TDM user's group. Not sure which is the worse culprit, OSX or the G5.

    I've been staying in OS 9.2.2 on my dual gig, G4 (albeit with a Mix Plus system). Its very stable but no longer supported as Logic 7 and later PT 6.X versions are OS X only. (Not to mention the fact that the Mix cards are not supported by Digi in G5's.)

    Alot of folks are thinking of using Logic, natively, on their G5, and using a seperate Mac as a Pro Tools only rig. When I get a G5, that will probably be my plan.

    One gets the sense, despite denials to the contrary, that Apple/Logic wants to become an alternative to Pro Tools, and ultimately abandon the complementary software/hardware relationship they've had for years.


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    Re: Logic Audio G5 & PTHD

    Same plan here, John, although I'm happy with Mix in Logic 6.x on a G4 running Panther.

    Just to be clear, MIX isn't specifically mentioned as being "supported" in Logic 7, but I haven't heard anyone say it won't still work on a G4. But MIX is supposed to flat out not work on a G5, because Digidesign changed their minds about updating its drivers for the new PCI-X bus architecture.

    I'm not shouting at Digidesign, because they can't be expected to support MIX forever, but that doesn't stop it from being a major bummer.

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