I actually posted my initial questions on the library board which was perhaps the wrong place to do it.

Anyway, I\'m in the middle of creating some pretty large sample libraries and am coming across one silly problem.

I\'m working with 61 samples over 5 octaves for each \"voice\" and find that when I place the samples per se, that the whole thing crashes with illegal messages, bad wave links, etc.

On further investigation, it seems that everything is ok until I try to map a sample to C4. when I do this, either the sample is transposed somewhere ridiculous and remains so no matter what or the setting refuses to load on reload and reports \"bad wave links\" followed by fixing, followed by the complete disappearence of all the samples in the \"preset\". Looking at the file, they are still present, just not accessible in any way, shape or form

Sometimes the whole computer seizes up. It doesn\'t matter which sample I import, the same thing happens. Playing back the sample through an editor etc. shows that the sample is still correct and a scan of the computer shows absolutely no problem

If however, I load C4 first followed by all the other samples and placements, everything is ok and the \"voice\" is perfectly OK.

This anomaly doese not occur with any other note, sample or placement of same.
Is this a weird bug ? has anyone else come across this problem ?

Rresponse would be appreciated thanks